Dynamics of Positive Thinking

Name : Khusniana Pratiwi

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Class : 4EA14



If you do not know your destination, you will be stranded elsewhere.

Thinking is a mental act to generate ideas. The mind can be negative or positive. Positive thoughts lead to problem-solving behavior. Revealed negative thoughts of justification for the failure or avoidance of problem-solving behavior. People who think negatively called pessimists, while thinking in a positive direction is called an optimist.

Mind is in between the two extremes of autistic and realistic. Autistic mind is driven mainly by the needs, desires, and feelings of your own, while the mind is based primarily on the need for realistic situations objectively. Autistic mind may often be spoiled by self gratification without considering the reality. This type of thinking is a kind of a more primitive modes of thought, the hallmark of the unconscious. This type of mind most clearly manifest in dreams, but allegedly also present as pent up feelings when awake. Jumbled thoughts in people whose mental problems and in normal people, and people who are under the influence of certain drugs describe this activity: the idea is guided solely by the desire for immediate fulfillment of desire regardless of logic, morals, order time , causality, or the demands of external reality. Thinking at this level comply with the pleasure principle (reality principle) search for pleasure and avoidance of pain. Doubt, uncertainty and contradictions have no place in the autistic mind.

Conversely, realistic thinking tends productive aimed at actions or solutions to problems. This type of thinking is the hallmark of preconscious nature and nature awareness. Thinking at this level comply with the principle of the regulation and control reality according to the demands of the outside world behavior. Anticipation over the possibility of changes in the environment and the consequences of an action increases the ability to delay immediate gratification pleasure with abandon and replace it with a long-term action plan that is more appropriate and adaptive.

In order to understand the basis of the thought process, we also need to know the dynamics of behavior. Behavior refers to the pattern of reactions that lead to goals that can be observed objectively. In addition, the behavior also refers to internal processes such as thinking and emotional reactions, which can be observed or inferred from the introspective external behavior.

To be able to understand and assess the overall behavior, we must break down the whole process it into various components and establish a clear relationship between those components. After that, then we can evaluate others and ourselves in a positive direction.

Pattern of reactions that lead to the goal, or another external behavior, is the end result of the stimulation. This stimulation can come from external and internal sources. Organism receives stimulation and give us your feedback. This response is a behavior. Many processes are involved in the overall mechanism At first stimulus noticed and recognized, then there was the perception. Lots of rules and factors governing perception. The most important factor is the experience of our past, such as attitudes, beliefs, and our values. Taken together these factors shape perception and consciousness. Awareness means the experience of the past and the present. So, the past and the present are both determining our perception and thus our behavior.

Our thoughts about others and ourselves to be influenced by empathy. Empathy means understanding and to feel the emotional experiences of others in certain situations. In other words, empathy is the ability to put ourselves in a position to understand other people’s views and feelings (mind) that person. Without empathy, there would be no positive thoughts about others.

Motivation is an important aspect in the behavior. Surely any behavior patterns guided by internal and external conditions. Complex internal and external conditions, called motivation or encouragement, serves to direct the organism toward a specific goal. So, the motivation to answer the “why” of his behavior. Behavior may be directed toward or away from the goal, depending on the type and kind of motivation. We think and then act according to our thoughts.

Behavior is ultimately the result of an individual’s intelligence. Intelligence is defined as the global capacity of the individual to act with a certain purpose, to think rationally and to deal effectively with the environment. This definition we need to study and learn about its components.

The first component to be learned is the act of aiming. This means that our behavior must have a definite purpose and direction, or in other words must have a motive. Most of us do not act with a purpose. We act mostly as following others. Although human beings are born free, but everywhere he is bound. We must free ourselves of the shackles. Think and act with a positive attitude towards life. This is the first step towards positive thinking.

The second component is that we must learn to think rationally. This means have reason and understanding. Reason and understanding is essential for positive thinking. Most of us think rationally. Our minds are focused on and influenced by what other people think about us. We live, think and act for others. Psychology of human perception to say that we see the world through the lens of our perceptive, that we see others and evaluate them with reference to ourselves. So we evaluate others according to what we think about ourselves.

Have positive thoughts about ourselves will help us to think more rationally. It will help the development of reason and understanding to be much better.

The third component is face environment effectively. This means that environmental manipulation efficiently for psychological well-being, social and economic. However, it is only likely to occur when a person feels confident about the abilities and potential. This in turn comes from the perception of self. It is important to not degrade the capabilities and potential of self or others. We all have advantages and disadvantages. We have to do is think positively about ourselves, our abilities and potential, as well as receiving our weaknesses and try to overcome them. It will be managed and amazing.

In the form of positive thinking, we have to establish mental health. To develop into a healthy human being, one must have good mental health. Mental health means a state of psychological well-being, characterized by continuous personal growth, awareness of the purpose of life, self-acceptance, and positive relations with others.

How to become mentally healthy

If you have a mental health bad or very bad, do not worry. Try doing the following things :

  • Develop your inner feelings adequate safe. Recognize insecurity within and around you. Some may indeed be real, but most of it is imaginary. Arrange for a real solution and forget it is not real.
  • Make an honest evaluation and self-sufficient. Get to know yourself. Recognize your strengths and accept your weaknesses.
  • Develop adequate spontaneity and emotionality. You have to be spontaneous in all your actions. Do not wait for the pull and push. Be emotionally warm toward others because you will reap what you sow.
  • Keep contact efficiently and reality. If you are a dreamer, the dream for positively oriented so that you can turn it into reality.
  • Have adequate physical desire and ability to fulfill them. People certainly can not live on food alone. People also need to meet the biological needs of others and have the ability to carry it out.
  • Have adequate knowledge about yourself. Know yourself and health will follow. We must always think positive about ourselves.
  • Have a complete and consistent personality. We must have consistency in thought and action.
  • Have a purpose in life is adequate. Life without true desire is to live without purpose. Define your goals and do anything to achieve it.
  • Learn from experience. Bad experience taught us to keep looking for a good experience. Surely there is no better teacher than experience in this world.
  • Develop the ability to satisfy the needs of the group. Humans are social creatures that constantly interact actively with other individuals. We have to follow the norms and social needs of the community.

Reference :

Abraham Amit. 2009. Mengupas Kepribadian Anda. Jakarta. PT Bhuana Ilmu Populer.


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